Common stone crushing line equipment in Indonesia

2022-03-22 17:07:01

The crushing unit is the main component of the stone crusher plant which functions to crushing and reduce the size of the material (stone). Generally consists of primary, secondary, and tertiary rock crusher depending on the combination of aggregate equipment. In general, the primary crusher consists of a jaw crusher type (primary type) which is able to reduce the size of large stones. Meanwhile, secondary crushers and tertiary crushers usually use jaw crushers (secondary and tertiary types), cone crushers, impact crushers, and vertical shaft impact crushers.

jaw crusher

jaw crusher is a commonly used type of stone crusher. This stone crusher has anti-pressure strength in crushing materials up to 320 Mpa. This tool is very suitable for crushing the first stage (primary crusher) and second (secondary crusher). jaw crushers are very well known in the world so it is not surprising that the use of this tool is not only in projects but also in mining minerals, coal and so on.

Some of the advantages of using a jaw crusher include:
The structure of the tool is very simple so that maintenance is very easy;
High efficiency and low operating cost;
Good final particle yield and crushing ratio;
The working system of this type of stone crusher is to move one of the pins that moves back and forth (back and forth) while the other clamps are stationary. The strength generated by the jaw crusher is very high so it is suitable for crushing hard rock.

cone crusher

This type of stone crusher is commonly used as a second stage rock crusher(secondary crusher) because it has the ability to crushing hard mid rock. The cone crusher works by squeezing the rock between the eccentric spinddle covered by a wear-resistant mantle and the concave hoper. Rocks will be broken down by clamping as shown in the image below.

Impact Crusher

This type of stone crusher is a rock-crushing tool that involves more impact than high pressure. This tool has a rotary clock system with a fairly high rpm speed. Impact crushers are usually used to crush rocks with raw material sizes that are not too large. The result of this type of stone crusher is a small and homogeneous size so it is very suitable for producing stone ash and corn which is suitable for asphalt materials.

Vertical Shaft Impact / Gyratary Crusher

This type of stone crusher is often used as a primary crusher in mineral mining. The rock crushing system is caused by closing the gap between the (moving) mantle line mounted on the central vertical shaft and the concave (fixed) liners mounted on the crusher main frame.