Should I choose an Impact crusher or VSI crusher?

2022-03-25 14:35:24

The particle shape of machine-made sand and gravel has an important influence on its close packing. In fact, in the application of concrete engineering, it is more expected to obtain similar round particles, which is not only conducive to close packing, but also conducive to the performance of concrete work, especially for the initial stage of concrete. In terms of the influence of flow capacity and slump loss rate over time, coarse and fine aggregates similar to spherical particles can exert the linkage rolling effect of slurry and aggregate.

Should I choose an Impact crusher or <a href= target=_blank class=infotextkey>VSI Crusher</a>

Why should gravel and machine-made sand be shaped?

1. It is also of great significance to shape the stones, reduce the content of needle-like particles, reduce the content of irregular polygons, and improve the sphericity of crushed stone particles;
2. It is beneficial to improve the fluidity and fluidity retention ability of concrete, reduce the water consumption of unilateral concrete, and reduce the cost;
3. The sphericity of the crushed stone particles is increased, which is beneficial to the construction on the site. The crushed stone particles are evenly distributed in the concrete, which can reduce the shrinkage cracks of the concrete.

Analysis of VSI Crusher and Impact crusher

1. VSI Crusher

Also known as vertical shaft impact crusher or sand making machine, AMC absorbs the technical advantages of similar products at home and abroad, and has a new generation of sand making and shaping machine with a number of self-developed characteristics. Or medium and very hard ore materials, such as river pebble, granite, basalt, etc., are made into small stones and machine-made sand of different particle sizes.

ML series VSI Crusher adopts a better crushing cavity material impact angle design, and the wearing parts are not easy to wear and consume, which directly reduces the cost of use. The worn parts need to be replaced, so they are widely used in the machine-made sand and shaping industries.

2. Impact crusher

MPF series impact crusher is a new generation of impact crusher developed by AMC in combination with the specific working conditions of the domestic sand and gravel industry. More suitable for soft materials, such as limestone, coal gangue, etc.

MPF series impact crusher adopts new concept crushing technology, which can meet the crushing of different material specifications and fully meet the new process requirements of "more crushing and less grinding". A large number of wear-resistant materials are used to reduce the wear of wear parts, prolong the replacement cycle and save costs.

What is the difference between a VSI Crusher and an impact crusher?

What is the difference between a VSI Crusher and an impact crusher? Mainly in terms of equipment structure, working method, output, feeding and discharging, etc., it is also main factor to decide which equipment to choose.

1. Equipment structure

The VSI Crusher consists of seven parts: feeding hopper, distributor, whirl crushing cavity, impeller body, main shaft assembly, base, transmission device and motor.

The main parts of the impact crusher are spring, railing, front impact frame, rear impact frame, impact lining plate, square steel, impact lining plate bolt, flip device, main shaft, plate hammer, rotor frame, lining plate, locking block, Compression block, etc.

2. Working method

The sand making machie mainly adopts the working methods of "stone-on-stone" and "stone-on-iron". Among them, stone-on-stone is suitable for materials with high corrosiveness above medium hardness, such as basalt, which is mostly used for shaping and good grain shape; stone-on-iron is suitable for medium-hard and below Less corrosive materials, such as limestone, have large output and high efficiency.

The impact crusher uses the impact principle to crush materials. The rotor rotates at a high speed, enters the action area of the blow hammer, collides with the blow hammer on the rotor to break, and is thrown to the counterattack device to be broken again, and then bounces back to the blow hammer from the counterattack liner. The active zone is broken again and the process is repeated.

3. Feed particle size

VSI Crusher can handle particle size less than or equal to 55 mm;

The size of the feed port of the impact crusher is larger, and the feed size is less than or equal to 100 mm.

4. Output particle size 

The output of the VSI Crusher is relatively fine, usually 0.25-5 mm;

The particle size of the impact crusher is generally 3-60 mm.

5. Capacity

VSI Crusher: sand making throughput: 104-948 tons/hour; shaping throughput: 113-1036 tons/hour, with deep cavity impeller, improved efficiency, and integrated programmable logic controller, which can be remotely controlled by computer Control, work more convenient and fast.

Impact crusher: the production capacity is 90-1550 tons per hour, the cavity design is optimized, the structure is compact, the machine has strong rigidity, and the rotor has a large moment of inertia, which improves the work efficiency.

VSI Crusher and impact crusher which is suitable for stone shaping?

VSI Crusher: the specific sand making and shaping effect, the stone has good particle shape, no cracks, fine lines, adjustable fineness modulus, especially suitable for artificial sand making and stone shaping.

Impact Crusher: The output particle shape is good-looking, the powder is less, and it meets the construction use standards.

Summary: The two types of crusher are different. Users who have sand making needs or want a finer discharge particle size can give priority to the VSI Crusher. For materials with low hardness, who want to save upfront investment and meet the standards, such users are recommended to choose impact crusher.