MTS series dewatering screen

MTS series dewatering screens can be used for dewatering, desliming and de-intermediation, and are widely used in sand and gravel aggregate processing systems, dry and wet screening or dewatering recovery of artificial sand production lines, which can effectively solve the problem of water content. Therefore, it is also called fine sand dewatering screen, mine dewatering screen, coal slime dewatering screen, tailings dewatering screen, high-frequency dewatering screen, etc. It is usually used in wet sand production lines and used in conjunction with sand washing machines.

Power 3.0*2 - 5.5*2 kw
Feed size ≤10mm
Throughput 150-300t/h

Material: Granite, marble, pebbles, dolomite, limestone, pebbles, gold ore, basalt, quartzite, etc.

Application field: Dewatering mineral concentrates, Dewatering tailings, Dewatering sand, De-sliming, Screening Sand, Sand recovery, Scalping oversize from suspensions and slurries.

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Technical Advantages

  1. MTS series dewatering screen has advanced structure, small size, light weight, high efficiency and low noise, and is driven by a new type of vibration exciter.
  2. MTS series dewatering screen has simple structure and convenient maintenance, and is widely used in coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electric power and other industries.
  3. MTS series dewatering screen beam and screen box are connected by high-strength bolts without welding.
  4. MTS series dewatering screen mesh is made of polyurethane mesh, which has high screening efficiency, large processing capacity and long service life.
  5. MTS series dewatering screen has a series of advantages such as large processing capacity, reasonable technical parameters, high structural strength, serialization, generalization, high degree of standardization, and convenient maintenance.
MTS series dewatering screen
MTS series dewatering screen

Working Principle

MTS series dewatering screen adopts dual motor self-synchronization technology, universal eccentric block and adjustable amplitude vibrator. It is mainly composed of screen box, vibration exciter and support system. Through the synchronous and reverse operation of two unconnected vibrators, the centrifugal force generated by the two sets of eccentric masses is superimposed along the vibration direction, and the reverse centrifugal force is canceled, thereby forming a single excitation vibration along the vibration direction, making the screen box do Reciprocating linear motion, for products with low mud content, dewatering screen can also be used directly, no sand washing machine is required, which saves costs and achieves ideal results.
MTS series dewatering screen
MTS series dewatering screen
MTS series dewatering screen
MTS series dewatering screen

Specification Parameters

Model Screen Area
Installation Angle Feed Particle Size
Motor Power
Processing Capacity
MTS1840 6.75 -3~-5 <10 3.0*2 150-200 3.2
MTS2045 9 -3~-5 <10 3.7*2 180-250 4
MTS2450 10.8 -3~-5 <10 5.5*2 200-300 4.8