Stone crushing plant indonesia

2022-03-22 15:38:25

In the world of construction, it is unavoidable that the use of crushed stone in construction activities will always exist. Where crushed stone is usually used as one of the basic ingredients for making concrete, not only that when it is associated with the construction world, especially in the field of road construction, this crushed stone is commonly used for various layers of flexible pavement for roads. Therefore, it becomes important for many parties, especially those who want to be involved or enter the world of construction, to understand how these crushed stones are obtained.

The crushed stones used have various sizes in their use in the construction world. This is where the role of a machine called Stone Crusher lies. This machine will process large chunks of stone as input, and produce crushed stone in various sizes according to the needs or desired size as output.

There are 2 types of Stone Crusher, namely Stone Crusher Plant and Mobile Stone Crusher. However, taking into account the needs of Indonesia, and the current government policy, namely the labor-intensive policy, the Stone Crusher Plant is the more appropriate use in Indonesia. 

Stone Crusher Plant usually consists of several types of units in one layout which is divided into 4 large units into:
1. Feeding Unit (Feeding)
2. Crushing Unit (Crushing)
3. Material Transfer Unit (Conveying)
4. Unit Separator / Sieve material (Screening)

Stone Crusher Plant is a machine for breaking all types of rock (river stone, mountain stone, coal etc.). This Stone Crusher serves to break natural rock into smaller sizes according to the specifications (gradation requirements) required for crushing work such as road and bridge construction, building and housing construction, etc. By using this machine, of course, the construction work can be faster and can increase the level of productivity.

By using a Stone Crusher machine, the process of breaking large stones into gravel will be faster and save time. The process of crushing stone by machines is carried out through several stages, the first stage of crushing the material is carried out by a primary crusher or primary crushing machine, the crushing process of this stage is carried out in a short time so that the final material produced is still rough and a second or secondary stage of destruction is carried out in which the material is crushed. will become smaller and ready to use, but if a smaller material is needed then a third crushing or tertiary crushing process can be used which will produce a smaller and uniform final marerial.