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Turn-key Solution for Crushing and Sand Making Plant

Introduction of Granite:

Granite is hard and dense in texture, high in strength, weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, low water absorption, and its beautiful color can be stored for more than 100 years. It is a good building material. Due to its high hardness and abrasion resistance,in addition to high-level architectural decoration projects and hall floors, it is also the first choice for open-air carving .Granite is a kind of rock that is very widely distributed. Many countries in the world produce granite. 9% of China's land (about 800,000 square kilometers) is composed of granite rock mass.

Granite Crushing Technological Process:

The granite crushing process generally consists of jaw crusher form the front stage of coarse crushing, and then cone crusher for medium and fine crushing; according to the needs of different requirement, the impact crusher (sand making machine) is also used for sand shaping.

Technical Note:

1. This process is designed according to the parameters provided by customers and for reference only. The actual output will change as per raw material characteristics and local management conditions.

2. The actual construction should be adjusted according to the terrain. The type of belt conveyor is subject to the layout plan, Unit: M.

3. The blasting point and its distance shall comply with relevant specifications.

4. The mud content of the material should not exceed 10%, and the mud content will have an important impact on the output, equipment and process.

5. This flow chart is for reference only.

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