Cement Manufacturing - Crusher

2022-05-23 16:52:56

The cement raw material before being fed into the process equipment (preheater kiln), must first be prepared so that it meets the quality of the feed (chemical composition and fineness) through several stages like crushing - pre-homogenization, drying and grinding, homogenization.

The quality of the raw materials to be fed into the preheater needs to be maintained so that the kiln can operate continuously and the production quality can be stable so that it meets the predetermined specifications.


Raw materials that come from mines are usually still large. The raw material needs to be broken down to reduce its size (size reduction) using a crusher. Size reduction here is intended to prepare the size of the material according to the size of the raw mill feed, to facilitate mixing and drying.

If a material is subjected to a force greater than its strength (stress is greater than strength), there will be a change from its equilibrium condition. These changes can be in the form of changes in shape (deformation) or rupture.

The forces acting on the material can be in the form of compressive, tensile, and shear forces. In the crushing process, the material will break into smaller sizes if the force acting is greater than the strength of the material.

Equipment Unit

Hopper: Embankment, Liner

Apron Feeder: Motor, Lamella Plate, Roller, Greasing System

Chain Screper / Pan Conveyor: Motor, Chain, Scraper Plate, Rill Sprocket

Vibrating Screen: Wall, Liner, Motor, V – Belt, Shaft Un Balance, Screen/Grizzly, Grizzly Mount, Rubber Spring.

Crusher: Wall, Liner, Main Drive Motor, V – Belt,

Belt Conveyor: Belt, Idler Roller, Motor, Return Roller, Drum Roller, Counter Weight, Scraper Belt, Side Roller, Pull Roop, Speed Monitor, Belt Weigher

Stacker: Panel, Sensors, Motor

Crusher Classification

Crushers are classified according to the size of the feed material and the resulting production. The crusher classification consists of:

Primary Crusher

Is a crusher to crush material from the mine in the form of a boulder (maximum size 60 inch = 150 Cm) into a product size of 6 – 8 inch.

Secondary Crusher

Is a crusher that crushes feed material from the primary crusher into products measuring 2-3 inches.

Tertiary crusher

Is a crusher that mixes feed material from the secondary crusher into products measuring 1/3 – 3/8 inch for grinding feed.